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start with the end in mind - goals for 2018

I've started 2018 with projects that fit my goals for 2018.  I love setting goals, making plans, determining what I want to do over a longer period of time.   Some goals are quantifiable, others involve learning new skills and others connect to the quality of a handmade wardrobe:

1.  Improve colourwork skills (speed, quality of work) - I'm going to knit stranded mittens over the year as part of the Skeindeer Knits 2018 KAL.  My first pair are done, just need to be blocked a bit, Herati from Pompom Quarterly:

2.  Focus on using more colours in my garments and accessories - I'm knitting a Bindrune Cardigan from Pompom Quarterly using 3 colours of Lopi, to add more colour to my garments.   I'm also almost done Nuuk from Laine Volume 1 in an autumnal orange colour.  Up next will be #18 Broken Rib Pullover from Vogue Knitting in a dark mauve colour:

3.  Knit shawls and hats all year for gifts, to reduce the need to knit for others in November and December (ongoing goal).  I…

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