Friday, 25 April 2014

FO - Heart Shaped Box with photos

My young son (7 years old) took photos with my phone, so I now have posed photos of my Boxed Pullover.  I made it longer by about an inch, but think I'd lengthen another inch or two if I had to redo.  It sits right at the bottom of my ribcage.  Cropped tops seem to be 'in' right now so I'll leave it.  The construction of the sweater is easy, and I like how all the neck stitches are held live to be picked up for the ribbed collar so it's seamless despite all the raglan and side seams.  I made the size 43, so it has about 5 inches of ease at the bust, but more at the upper bust).   Lots of finishing!  I have worn it once already as it's still woolly clothing weather here in late April.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Musing about - planning for the weather

The weather at this time of year is an unpredictable mistress, dictating the need for wardrobe changes at a moment's notice.  Layers are key but I admit that because I am always so cold I inevitably dress for the chill of the morning rather than for the warmth of the afternoon.  The need for wardrobe flexibility results also from the sudden change from snow to sun after a much-talked-about lengthy winter.  Case in point:

 The photo on the left is today, the one on the right is a week ago.  To plan for the fickle weather, I'm knitting a cape, inspired by the cape on found as a free pattern on the Vogue Knitting   Mine will be in black, using the Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn listed in the pattern.  I hope it will allow me to transition from cold to warm and back to cold with ease this spring. 
Original pattern is Charming! Cape (Ravelry), mine is Storybrooke Cape (on Ravelry) named after the television show Once Upon a Time.  Knit most of this while watching episodes of the show set in fictitious Storybrooke, Maine. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

FO - Heart Shaped Box

Boxed Pullover from Knit.Wear Fall 2012, finished.  A quick knit, with lots of seaming at the end.  I followed the pattern as written, just substituted Berroco Quasar for Lodge (not enough Lodge at my LYS).  No pictures of it on yet, but here's the finished, blocked and seamed sweater:
It's quite cropped, just below the rib cage.  If I had to do it over, I'd add length.  Not going to rip out anything for that though.  The self-striping yarn is pretty; not my typical choice and not likely going to show up in other projects that often but still pretty.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

springtime colour - turquoise

I've done it again - shopped for yarn while I have a stash and queue full!  Went to my LYS and found a window of blue yarns and a shawl.  Inside, lots of displays of cottons, silks, and lighter-weight yarns.  Made me feel like abandoning my bulky wool pullover right away!  I've had my eye on the cover pattern of the latest Vogue Knitting for a while - like the mesh, the length, and the style of it:
I decided on Berroco Weekend DK (cotton and acrylic blend) in the Turquoise colourway:
Photo needs tweaking.  Skein photo from  I love the shade and the smooth texture of the yarn.  Should be fun to work on! 

I also have my turquoise Paloma in the queue, so next two projects will be in the blues.  The Pantone Spring 2014 color card includes a Placid Blue (under the sketch of the woman) that is fairly close to my yarn colour.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Queued Up - French Girl

After revisiting my French Girl Knits book, I've revisited my stash and am making plans!  Time to think spring, even though it's snowing today (in April).  First up:
My Firefly has been in the stash for a few years, and I haven't found the project that I like to knit it up.  I'm going to try Paloma this time - all garment photos from Ravelry via French Girl Knits.
I also plan to knit Louisa
I bought some bulky ribbon yarn, and will swatch it on its own and with a strand of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace to see which one works best:
I also want to reknit Wrenna:
I'll use a colour that is more neutral than the first try using hot pink (see previous post).  Lots in the queue!