Monday, 6 April 2015

taming the teenager

My Lorelai Shawl (named "Rory" on Ravelry because that's more 'me') is slowly taking shape.  I've decided to go for it, and fix my mistakes along the way.   The arrowhead pattern goes two stitches askew in the navy section, I have a mistake on the second half of the yellow band.  I am sure it will be lovely when it's done and only I will see the mistakes (unless the designer happens to stop by while I'm wearing it - she lives on the west coast so I find that highly unlikely).  I do love the pattern, and the colours, and look forward to wearing it with a tee and my jean jacket this spring.  Much like parenting, I'm letting go of the little mistakes so I can enjoy the process and the product.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


My Lorelai Shawl is lovely... and uncooperative.  Much like Lorelai herself at times.  I can follow lace patterns fairly well, charts and written directions.  I have ripped out the lace (starts with the navy) twice after four rows.  Stitch count is off, pattern is not appearing (the arrowhead lace).  My shawl is an uncooperative toddler who won't follow the rules.  Let's hope I can get it to cooperate!

On a less frustrating level, my Mai Tai yarn has arrived!  It's bright and spring-like and "grapefruity"!  Thank you again to the Berroco blog for the prize, and to Thea Coleman for the pattern.