Tuesday, 28 July 2015

summertime - on the needles

It's summer and I love it.  Love the heat, love the sunshine.  I admit that a backyard pool and two young kids makes it more enjoyable:)  Not really knitting by the pool weather though, or by the soccer pitch, as any yarn at 30 degrees C (or 90 degrees F) isn't really enticing.

I have four projects on the go - the never-ending Lorelai, a new hat - Windward Island -  from Babycocktails' Tiki collection, and a long vest for fall:

High tomorrow is 34 degrees (plus humidity) so I doubt any knitting will occur.  Soon enough!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

dead calm

June was a month of stillness in my knitting world.  Other events took over my time and, more importantly, my energy.  I spent most of the month feeling like a ship stranded in the ocean with no wind to move me forward.  I had enough energy to do the essentials (barely) and sadly, knitting did not make it to the list of essential tasks.
Not scary like the movie (I'm not Nicole Kidman!) but more exhausting like trying to paddle in the ocean with a table tennis racket.

Still, I did sew up and finish my vest - finally!  Unfortunately it is not vest weather any more so it's in my closet until fall.  I like how it turned out though, and will definitely wear it when the weather cools down.
I'm slowly moving back to things that require energy and an attention span.  This will include finishing my Rory shawl, and casting on a new project from my stash.