Tuesday, 11 August 2015


I've had time to knit so progress is being made:

Rory (my  Lorelei shawl) - finish line is in sight as I just have the garter border to go.

Dansez - I'm at the shaping for the back after adding an extra 4 inches in length (because anything that ends right at the waist is not flattering on me).

Seattle Cowl (my version of Bastille) is finally past the half-way point.  Taking forever not because it's complicated but because I keep moving to other things.
Feeling less 'stuck' now that I can see progress.  I think most of us are like that - we'll persevere if we can see the finish line.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Windward Hat - FO, a WIP, and the Stash-Down

A finished hat!  It's Windward Island from Babycocktails' Tiki Collection.  I plan to knit the whole collection.  Perhaps by Christmas but deadlines are not my friend in the world of knitting, so we'll see.  The hat is lovely, the yarn was fantastic to work with.  I'll definitely be using it again.  When I'm done using my stash.

Speaking of stash, I bought this yarn to make Sous Sous, which I realized wouldn't really be fore me as I saw other FOs on Ravelry.  It's now going to be Dansez from Amy Herzog's first book Fit to Flatter.  I have it from the library so will knit like the wind to get it done in August before I have to return the book.
I've just cast on the back.  I have a bit more done that you see here (a very, very small bit - like 2 or 4 more rows), but am confident I can get it done.  I've joined the Very Shannon Summer Sweater Knit Along to motivate myself.  The idea is to knit a sweater in time for the start of fall.  Which, here in Canada, comes sooner than I'd like to think.  The sponsor is Brooklyn Tweed.  I love their patterns and yarns, but cannot afford the yarn (sigh) and am determined to only knit from my stash for a very long time (or until it's almost gone).  I've said this before but am determined this time for a variety of reasons:

- need to declutter, and am committed to having what I need on hand, and not spending on yarn that I love in theory but don't have time to knit or the impulse of the pattern passes (or both)
- need to spend less and use what I have (in all areas of life, not just knitting - read from my bookshelf, cook from my pantry...)
- commit to the purchases I've made and follow through 

So off I go to knit a sweater by the end of August.  And yes, this is the same blog I joined the KAL for the Lorelai shawl that is almost but not quite done.  It will be finished by the end of September.  I hope.