Saturday, 30 January 2016

Keeping up - the downside of a KAL

I love joining KALs.  I like the sense of community, of following a group and seeing projects similar to mine.  I like joining to knit independent designer's patterns, to have a unique product at the end.  This month, I joined three:

Tin Can Knits - 12 patterns in 2016 - I finished one (albeit simple) coffee cup cozy so far, but have plans for hats and mittens soon to follow.  I hope to knit one per month, so I'm on track and feeling like I can manage one accessory per month.

Never Not Knitting - MKAL (Mystery KAL) - I'm about half way through my shawl.  It's a complex pattern - not difficult, but not easy tv knitting (sports - yes, Blacklist - no!).  I feel 'behind' on this one, as clue 4 has been released (the final clue) but I'm only on the second half of clue 2.  February 10th is the deadline to post if I want to qualify for a prize.  The prize is not really the motivator for me, but still, I would like to finish with the rest of the group.

Baby Cocktails - I'm knitting a cardigan as part of a Warm Winter Drinks January KAL.  I've had the pattern for a while and want to knit patterns I already have, when possible.  I am using a rather inexpensive yarn, as I had some left over from a frogged project.  It will be cozy and very wearable when done... but it seems far from finished as I've only done the two fronts and half the back.
Creating and deadlines are a complicated combination for me.  I need deadlines to stop me from casting on lots and finishing few - the 'start-itis' issue!  I also need to focus on knitting what I have, and finding projects that match my stash.

Hoping to get a lot knit this weekend, but also know that fine line between enjoyment and pressure.  When knitting feels like a chore instead of my creative outlet.  When the stress relief of knitting becomes stressful, I know it's time to 'let it go' - the deadline is arbitrary and the project will eventually get done!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

A dollar is not a dollar...

I read a blog post at Soper Creek Yarn about the cost of doing business with our weak Canadian dollar.  Specifically, $1.00 Canadian is only 68 cents when spending in US dollars.  A $10 item now costs $14.00.  This transfers to all kinds of things, from yarn to food to clothing to books.  Cauliflower is $7.00 a head, and the Canadian price listed on books will continue to grow compared to the US price.

To me, this means I need to continue to look for opportunities to buy local.  In the grocery store this means I can buy apples and potatoes now, but need to leave lettuce and berries on the shelf.

In the yarn store this means looking at local yarn.  For my Mystery KAL shawl with Never Not Knitting I purchased Briggs and Little Regal, a worsted weight yarn milled in New Brunswick, Canada.

I will keep looking for yarn that is local, and support the local economy while continuing to focus on finding ways to bridge the gap between one dollar and the next.  Because not all dollars are equal.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Distracted by a Mystery

I popped on to my LYS' group page on Ravelry today and found a post suggesting we join in the KAL for Alana Dakos - Never Not Knitting.  I like to join in when my local store has a contest or activity to support the store and the knitting community so I bought the pattern and the yarn today to join in.
I have never knit a 'mystery' project before, where clues are given out a few at a time.  It's a shawl, like the background of the picture above.  I've chose a pastel coloured yarn, a new-ish colour for me.  It's Briggs and Little Regal, a yarn I've used before.

 I chose it to try a colour close to the Pantone colours of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity (pale pink and pale greyish-blue):
We'll see how it goes, this mystery project!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

first FO - cozy for the commute

Monday I go back to work, just in time for a HIGH of -14 degrees Celsius on the thermometer.  I travel with a cup of coffee and knit myself a cup cozy.  It's project #1 for my "12 in 2016 Tin Can Knits KAL".

Fast and easy, and used up a bit of stashed dk weight yarn.  On to the next!