Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016: my favourite things

I knit a lot this year.  Many accessories, and a few sweaters.  My favourites:

Paloma - pattern Babycocktails, yarn LionBrand Wool-Spun
Love the fit, the colour, the warmth. Easy to style, cozy to wear.  Perfect.

Four Seasons - pattern Never Not Knitting, yarn Briggs and Little Regal

First Mystery KAL - Love the final product, which is interesting as I wouldn't have chosen this to knit had it not been a complete surprise! 

Twin Leaf Loop - pattern Never Not Knitting, yarn Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca
Love the yarn, easy pattern, cozy cowl.  I find alpaca a bit itchy but not unwearable.  Haven't knit with pure alpaca before.  I knit two of these this year, but the second is from different yarn and has a denser feel.

Sitka Cowl - pattern Tin Can Knits, yarn Cornelia Hamilton Yarns Heaven's Hand Classic Wool
I 'hacked' this hat to make a cowl.  Love the tree images, but the twisted stitches were very hard on my hand joints.  Would love to knit the hat and mitts as a set but may not be able to manage the pattern. 

#7 Fair Isle Hat - pattern Vogue Knitting Fall 2016, yarn various DK weights from stash, mostly Patons Superwash DK, Loyal DK

I knit mitts, hats, cowls, a pullover poncho for a friend, and finished several things I'd started well before 2016.  Still several WIPs on the go as I head into 2017, but I'm quite happy with all of the knitting I've done this year.  I tried new techniques from complex (mosaic knitting) to simple (making a tassel).  I've knit a mystery project and 'hacked' a pattern.  I've knit a lot from stash, but also purchased yarns with projects in mind.  I have lots planned for 2017 - some already shared in my post about Botanical Knits, others still in the works.  Looking forward to another productive and creative year!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Gifting - tis the season to knit faster!

I'm a week away from Christmas Eve, and have most of the knitting done.  My ongoing 'gift bin' that gets filled with accessories throughout the year helps.  We go searching for teacher gifts, or a small thing to go with a gift card, so that it's not as much 'on demand' knitting in December.  This year's gifts:

Antler Mitts - pattern TinCanKnits, yarn Briggs and Little Heritage
Blue Devil - pattern BabyCocktails, yarn Madelinetosh DK

Cambrian Cowl - pattern Never Not Knitting, yarn Borgo De'Pazzi Luna

A Twin Leaf Loop - pattern Never Not Knitting, yarn Borgo de'Pazzi Luna
Northward - pattern TinCanKnits, yarn Borgo de'Pazzi (blue), Misty Alpaca (orange)

Just have to finish up one last one - a 'hack' for TinCanKnits "hackathon2016".  I'm turning the Sitka Spruce Hat into a cowl.  Yarn is Heaven's Hand Wool Classic.  Love how it's turning out, but the twisted stitches are killing my hands. 

When it's done, I'm determined to knit my Sambuca that I started in the fall, and finish up my vest that has been  WIP for over a year.  Both will be great holiday projects for the upcoming Christmas vacation.  Then, my Botanical Knits that I have queued up will be started!