Friday, 24 March 2017


It feels good to finish.  I most enjoy the planning part of knitting:  pouring over patterns, selecting yarn, looking at other peoples' work on Ravelry, Instagram and blogs.  I lag in the middle, when the new-ness wears off and the pattern is 'rote'.  Finishing is harder than starting. 

So this March Break I was determined to finish.  It feels good to finish!

Middle:  Mrs. Mysterious (Mrs. Watson) - my entry in my LYS annual Yarn Challenge
Bottom:  Sambuca (BabyCocktails pattern)

I also realize now that I've knit the body, that my Clio will need to be frogged.  I knit the small size, and am not happy with the fit.  Not enough ease, and I don't love it enough to start over from the start... so it's time to frog it and let the wool become something else. 

This means all that I have left to finish is my spring tee, and a pair of mitts.  I'm hoping to have the mitts done this weekend, and be ready to reassess my spring knitting plans by the start of April.  In the meantime, both of my Mrs. Watson shawls are featured on the Berroco Blog this week!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

my own 'march madness'... on the needles

I have finished one of my short row projects:  Mrs. Watson. 
I'm very happy with the finished project, and the Ultra Alpaca Light is wonderful to knit up.  The shawl is on the small side, so I'll need a pin to keep it in place.  I wore it one day and had to fiddle all day to keep it wrapped. 

My other projects languish as I continue to be distracted by new ideas, new accessories, and the inability to focus on finishing anything bigger than a mitten.  My sweaters are also not portable, and I have been out more than home lately.  March Break (Spring Break - a week off school) means that I will have time at home.  I'm determined to finish or make significant headway with my projects that are still on the needles.  Many have appeared here before, some months or even years ago.  One, the long vest, has been on hold for so long I forget what needle I used for the parts that are done (note to self:  enter the needle size on Ravelry!).  To be done: 

All are in various stages, so I will knit away for the next 10 days, starting this weekend, and aim to finish the Sambuca and the Long Vest, and finish at least one of the Vanishing Point mitts.  I hope to start one of the Clio Sleeves, and perhaps knit a bit more of the Spring tee body.  Ambitious, perhaps, but I need to finish things (literally and figuratively) as I feel I'm starting lots and making little progress.  This is true for lots of areas of life right now, but I can control the knitting if nothing else!

I also have a mystery project on the go for my LYS' annual Yarn Challenge.  More to come on that once it's in the store window!